UPCOMING EVENTS (updated: 13 Apr 14)
Date: 10 May 2014, 9:00-10:30
2514 Observation Drive (next to Grace First B.C.)

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Mar 2014 EP21 Workshop Video (click here)
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The Video at the top of this page is a profile of EP21.  Check it before reading below to see how you can help EP21 become a success!!!

San Antonio Teens:

EP21 helps teens prepare for life after high school.  If you want a scholarship or help getting into college, but don't have the time or experience to make it happen, you have come to the right place!  EmPowerment 21, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), has established a program that can help you access internship opportunities and get valuable work and volunteer experience with local businesses & nonprofits, while learning how to get accepted into college and earn scholarships.  All San Antonio teens and parents are welcomed to attend!

San Antonio Businesses:

If you want to help San Antonio teens prepare for their future, now is the time.  You can become a community partner by sponsoring EP21 and helping local teens intern at companies while being taught valuable lessons to help them to get into college, fund their education, get much-needed college-prep assistance, and work experience.  Door prizes are always appreciated by our community partners!

San Antonio Volunteers:

If you want to help change America for the better, while mentoring and training

tomorrows future leaders, you should volunteer to join our team and help shape the future of San Antonio teens.  Many of them let money pass them by each year b/c they lack the knowledge on how to pay for college.  You can help them learn how, while keeping them busy and off the streets with a goal of academic success.

Workshop: 10 May 2014

You don’t want to miss the 9th and final EP21 workshop of the school year!  We gave away another iPad to Lavrese Davis in April.  Show up on time and see what you might win!  Our May workshop will be focused on College Student/Parent Panel-Q&A, etc.  Don’t miss this popular EP21 workshop! 

Time: 9:00-10:30

Where: 2514 Observation Dr. S.A. TX 78227 

We provide refreshments, so just come ready to be filled with great information and a light breakfast...You will leave FULL of great info that can change your lives!!!

Teens win iPad minis plus so much more.  ARE YOU NEXT? It can only happen, if you show up!

All we need is you, your friends, your parents, your counselors, and ANYONE else you know who is interested in learning how to prepare teens for life after high school! 

Visit www.EP21.com for details, directions, and video of last month’s workshop.  Be on time Saturday, 12 Jan, because you will have a better chance of winning a prize at that workshop!

  Nippy Betz

Please share our EP21 business flyer (download from our facts/download page at www.EP21.com) with other students, schools, churches, etc thru FB, Twitter and any other social media!   

How To Remove Your Phone Number from our Monthly Reminder Calls:

1. Call 405-308-4474

2. Press "1" to have your number blocked from receiving any future messages

3. System will repeat the number from which you are calling

4. Press "1" to block the number from which you are calling. Your number will be blocked immediately.

Facebook & Twitter

Please use your Facebook and Twitter to tell other teens and their parents about this incredible organization and our website! Keep visiting www.EP21.com for directions and the latest details about upcoming workshops and events. See you at our next workshop on 8 Sep at 9am!!!

Nippy Betz

EmPowerment 21 Officers

Nippy Betz - President

Garrick Williams - Vice President

Adrienne Betz - Treasurer

Kathy Deluna - Secretary

Donate to EP21 via CFC this Fall!  EP21 will be able to receive United Way/CFC funds again this year.  EP21 CFC # = 85957.  If you want to give outside of CFC, just click the donate button below and just give!!! Thanks in advance for your intended support. 

EP21 Profile Video for those trying to learn what EP21 offers teens, parents, youth groups, and schools all over South Texas!  Click the 8 min video to the left!


Workshop Promo Video!!! Teens/parents come join us at our 9 annual  educational workshops!  Check out the 1:24 min video to the right!











Check us out each and every Saturday & Sunday on inTV!!!  Tune in from 10:30-12:00pm on Ch 98 (TWC); Ch 99 (ATT), and Grande on Ch 21!  Attend our next workshop on  2nd Saturdays!

Check out the video on the left.  It’s a 6 min interview on KENS 5 Great Day SA w/Bridget Smith.  Enjoy and learn about Nippy Betz and our grassroot organization!


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1 - Portfolio Tracker taught on 4 Jan!

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2 - Danielle Belleny’s Comparison Chart

  1. -www.tccns.org (compare institutions)

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